Really Customer do count

This site  would describe issues related  to customer issues,recent news , marketing offers
My only aim to make this site is to pen my ideas on the issues of Customer Service. Customer Service has always been the burning issue for the marketing department of companies.I would also be writing on some political issues concerning normal public.Customers are always at the receiving end for all the marketing policies , brain storming sessions of the marketing officials, top management ideas, so this site is dedicated to the one and only consumer who has the power to fuel and run the country economy when he buys a small pack of chips, colas etc. This site is under continuous up gradation and maintenance.

I am expanding the purpose of this site to the knowledge articles related to Financial products and services.

**The Content on this site is the original work by Nitin Arora and all the copyrights rests with the author of the site. 

" Customer is truly the King of this new 21st Century" 
" Customer of your brand,service,product pays your salary,handle your expenses and all other brain storming activities in the name of marketing"

Nitin Arora