Fight Against Corruption in India

Today I think for the time in the times till I remember, the news channel were reporting about the Anna's Crusade against corruption with Prime Minister's address to the nation on its 64 independence day celebrations at Red Fort Delhi relagated to the second head line.

My only questions about the Government of India aka Delhi Police conditions on the fast is how come they donot have any issue when political parties bring hordes of paid people and chamchas in Delhi?

This action by Delhi Police is encroaching upon our fundamental right to protest peacefully.We should file a PIL in the Higher Courts against the draconian dictats of Delhi Police and why on every debate the government is rebuking the concept of Referrendum, is it because it encroaches on the power which they claim is absolute once they are elected to power.

My last point is the opponents are terming Anna's fast as blackmail, then please tell me what Mahatma Gandhi had done to the British through his non violence and fasting? I want to tell those guys please learn Gandhian Thoughts and then comment on Anna's crusade on Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Let us start an online movement for the support of Anna' crusade for Jan Lok Pal Bill and last but not the last my appeal to the youth of the country .
Please do vote in the coming General Elections 2014.