Indian Mobile Industry at new Crosswords

These days when you look at any of the Indian technological sites, you could see spurt of new mobile launches from Indian brands that too specially in higher end segment. So let us see if they are really worth it or how do they really fare with big international brands present in India. This trend started last year with these local companies launching handsets of screen size more than 4 inches. These handsets were very good in specifications on paper, but then after a period of time the issues related to after sales service started popping up. The mobile sets were not having good build quality as per their peers from international brands and then there were issues with the software which actually should not have come as most of them were running on android platform.

But since nearly all of them been made in China there were serious quality issues, but then lessons were learnt quickly when the second wave of these handsets hit the market with their dual core handsets, they were made of better quality plastics and better utilization of android operating system. The touch responses was considerably improved, but the concerns of after sales service remained. With the lower prices on their side they quickly ramped up the lower strata of Indian mobile marketing. One more successful strategy that they employed was they were bringing new version of their mobile very quickly space which help them to churn Indian mobile market very successfully .

Now let us see how our international players are coping with this onslaught of these local Indian brands, as far as history goes their mobiles were always pricier, but with much better after sale service and build quality. Their touch interface is pretty good and smooth, with no lag is noticed and the mobile software and hardware are in much better sync with each other. When their market was attacked they did not reacted for the first few months which gave Indian brands to build a base in the market, may be their marketing strategy teams thought that difference between their quality is so much that they are going to withstand the onslaught but when Indian brands bridged that gap to a certain level then the new products were launched by these players with lesser price and good technical specifications. Their products were already good in quality but now they had to leverage their brand value against the price conscious Indian customers.

The fight is now open with the brand value of international players on one side and the evergreen pricing factor on the other side. The results would be out in another one year which will determine the future of Indian mobile market but one thing is sure the consumers will get a lot of choice and benefit in term of better quality at lower price. He would have better choices to make and the mobile market in India will become more mature and successful in the coming year and it is so big that both Indian and international players will carve a place for themselves here.