Innovation in Mobile Industry

Mobile was a breakthrough in the decade of nineties , it removed a lot of barriers related to communication. That was a period of innovation in terms of pricing, technology upgradation , telecom equipment and lastly mobiles itself . Now let us move to the present day scenario , we are having octa core processors with 2-3 gb ram and then slew of extra applications vis a vis like games, utilities and books. Well that configuration is better than my 6 year old laptop( which infacts works just fine after been obsolete in today's technological environment).

The actual burning question is how much is the innovation quotient in all this or the real innovation will come by the way of software OS that is installed? Well by today standards even the above high end technical specification will become obsolete in a year or so and do innovation in the telecom sector will only come from the Facebook and Twitter's of the world. OH! sorry there is one more factor consumer fanbuyoism even if the underlying technical features are just average but are utilised perfectly and caters to the normal needs of the people or so called fans . In this case is the highly satisfied customers a part of this concept of something new. If the product is made perfectly with the essence of high brand equity around it can mere change in screen size and change in the number of cores or upgradation in the underlying hardware constitutes innovation ? The answer is big NO.

Then the obvious question is What is Innovation ? The answer is not simple black white ,it ranges in the shades of grey. It could be when it's a very small application that can change our current way of doing work and save some productivity of its users. Or it could be some new category of product that satisfy our immediate need but with a difference. For example let's take the example of 7 inch tablets which are shadowing the sales of their bigger 10incher brothers. The 7 inchers are better at ebooks, games and typing on the tablets without opening of our old laptops. The batteries are fantastic and they are easier to carry with, so we could see that no real innovation took place in this instant, but just our existing needs are satisfied by some better product which has a mix of other already existing products.

Similarly strictly in mobile sector there is currently no innovation happening from year 2012 onwards. The latest happening is wearable gears that are synchronised with your phones. Well that only time will tell if people will accept it and may be that could  further grant access to the technology in our lives for better. The point I am making is to think out of box, rather than just following what the Market perceives to be correct and would be picked up by them as an innovation. Let's take the example of mobile batteries, the screens are bigger, lot of new chip architecture, 4g but have we seen any new thing in batteries except the older Lithium one's which served us right till now but for future!

Innovation, ideas are the words actually associated with Art, rather than been associated with science as it require a mind of an artist impression of the issue at hand and then it require a technological solution for the same.