Professional Life and its effect on stress

In today 's time when the urban middle class has moved on to private or so called professional jobs. These jobs are high paying white collar jobs,but have its own limitations in their own way. We will see in this article how this new found Professional Life is affecting their health,personal relationships and family.

A normal day in most our lives start with the irritating beeps of alarms that we had set so ambitiously in the last night. After multiple beeps, finally with a heavy heart we wake up to have a short cut for every daily chore that we could think of as our only concern is to reach office within time by catching the office shuttle or else be ready to get a stare from the reporting boss. Did the doctor said morning should be reserved for jogging and morning walk ? but where did breakfast go? well that consist here of every junk that you could think of as food.

When in office its an intricate web of meetings, targets that surround us through whole half of the day. the first hour goes in checking all the chain mails and going through all the stuff which today we have to finish for the survival in the organization for the day. We all will do most of the productive work done during first half of the day. And as the day progresses and lunch time approaches there is one tea break that most of us take to discuss about the office politics and excesses of friends bosses. Every kind of change in company policy is discussed here and best place for grape vine to flow in the organization.

And then the lunch time comes which gives us some respite from the days work and also to refresh ourselves with the food at least there we are having some choice, do we? After roaming after lunch for some time we rush back to our seats for having a quick look at our junk emails before the most unproductive time of the day starts. I think this is the best time to have meetings if any so our minds do not go to sleep. After the meetings we again start our normal work and then after the monotonous work we start with our evening snack and another discussions on the days work informally.

Ohh while writing this article i found that my office shuttle has come which will now be completely full since many bench guys are going back to their houses after 7 hr trip to the company. But this is again a start of war of reaching home through the traffic jams spreading through out our metros after 6 pm in the evening. Well the ropes of earphones are attached to each of our ears and we are just relaxing and calming our tempers for the events of the day. well actually its an everyday task and then we would go to the nearest hotel for getting the dinner which itself is an issue to resolve as what to eat in dinner. after completing and filling up the stomach for the day we generally go to our homes and tackle the last problem of the day girlfriends or boyfriends. well at last everything is finished now is late night and tomorrow i have to finish my work and give a presentation. So I hope you would have a glimpse of life of software professional for a day. Well now you know with higher pay packets what i am going through every day for that pay packet. Good Night, but one thing where is my personal life? my personal hobbies, ambitions and family life.