Customer Advocacy

After going Gung Ho on CRM for the last few years, Few advanced Firms like CISCO , IBM and Wipro have gone a step ahead where they would like to have their Customers Advocating their Relationship to other prospective Customers.

In Customer Advocacy there are two approaches , one is where we are helping in the resolution of issues which are not been handled by the Delivery Teams. The Customer Advocacy Team would be empowered by the senior management , so that the Customer is assured that once the escalation reaches the Customer Advocacy Team , it would be solved and delivered now.

The other approach is when the Customer Advocacy Team is proactively working to ensure that the Relationship between the Customer and the Company reaches new HEIGHT. Customer Advocacy Team should have People from across the departments and there should be regular Customer Satisfaction surveys along with regular metrics, so that we could keep track of the Customer Issues and their timely resolution .

Customer Advocacy , the term originally meant that our Customer Advocacy Team actually takes sides with the Customer when in our Board meeting . Now what will happen if our company lets say XYZ actually wants to have Customer Advocacy Team . Since its a start they would like to start with one client and makeshift Team .

Now this Makeshift Team will never work since each of the individual members will not give a serious thought to the essence of Customer Advocacy , rather just a time pass .

Other thing to note is Customer Advocacy team should consider more towards the Customer rather than what should be the language of the communication ? how should be our Presentation?and The other Official gimmicks. These old age gimmicks will just cause delay nothing else , the effort should be on improving the relationship with the client as a whole.

Customer Advocacy teams should concentrate on survey , how to analyse data rather than on official gimmicks , this is actually the essence of Customer Advocacy is against . I would continue to write about Customer Advocacy which is the in Thing now a days in Information Technology.

When we talk of Customer Advocacy, we are assuming that the Product confirms to Total Quality Management and Customer Relationship Management.This is the base on which the Customer Advocacy rests. But do each of the company has Best Product or let us say a good product, well the answer is doubtful.So if any firm would start applying Customer Advocacy as an initiative, then in the short run , its aftereffect may dampen your spirit like when in customer advocacy we start comparing our product with that of the competitors for our customers, our advice would not favor our own product.

But then when our company would start investing more on product features rather than on advertising and sales promotion , then with the passage of time ,our product would improve and in long run our customers will itself start advocating our products.