Communication is the Key

Customer Relationships have assumed a new dimension in today's time. Companies need to nurture these relationships so as to create mutual trust between the partners. The idea is to have more holistic view of the relationship in which companies should consider customers as a part of their extended value chain, whose growth will actually benefit the parent company in return.

Customer these days, have become increasingly demanding in terms of cost cutting, zero tolerance towards errors, more product features. Relationship does not just depends on these common factors, but on a host of other factors, let us see discuss one of these factors named "Communication" in brief and how that could help us in enhancing company - customer relationship.

Communication Point is one of the important factors which affect customer company relationship. My customer can contact my various departments and then he can interact with different set of people. The problem is non-uniiformity of communication among these contact points. If even one of these interfaces did not give the required response or service, my brand and service image will go for a toss. So what my suggestion is to have a cross category or a department which will just  made of these communication points, so that there needs of training and special attention could be met.

Communication could be very decisive in nature, lets take an example suppose we have two project teams A and B working for a common client. The Project Manager of team A is widely experienced and is able to do his work up to an average level, whereas the Project Manager of team B is not that experienced and also does average work, but is a very good communicator. Now what happens is when client has a problem with let us say deliveries of the two projects, then project Manager of Team B will be able to put forth his view point and problems he is facing with the delivery of the project much better than of his counterpart in Team A. So when the client has to decide about the fate of the two teams, it would be Project manager of Team A who would receive flak from them.

The above  practical example shows how communication skills played a part in defining Customer Client relationships. The Client facing Employees should be properly trained, motivated and properly told that they are the brand ambassadors of the company, so by their communication skills they will bring orders for the company like the sales team.

Communication on a higher level will help in better account management. Since here the interaction should be such that its precise, to the point and relationship building should be the underlying essence to it. If only once there is some misunderstanding between the two parties , then bad communication will destroy the relationship at one go.

The Communication from our side should be partially audited , so as to continuously improve our soft skills which goes a long way in improving customer client relationships.