Customer Service Dilemma's

The emphasis on customer service has gained momentum in the last decade. Since 1990's the customer seems to have number of choices for the similar kind of products. Now as the competition has started increasing, the focus to stop churn in present customers has gained momentum and the most important factor affecting churn is consumer service. It is important not only in the case of complaints, but also in normal information disbursement. Consumer service is important since every customer contact helps in making a brand identity for the firm. But there are few dilemmas that are been faced by the companies in implementing better consumer service.

The first dilemma is how much cost would be involved in the process? the cost is entailed in better training process and recruiting right employees that have an attitude towards consumer service. The second dilemma is how will we measure customer service? Its a very qualitative term, sometimes the customer is hell bent on destroying our customer service employee, but the employee still holds on, but alas customer parts way with the company. Where was the fault in this situation? The fault lies some where in the earlier contact of the customer with the company where may be that customer was not properly handled.

Third dilemma is how to synchronize the customer service people with the operations employees, since the customer will be extremely annoyed, when he founds out that both are saying different things, because that increases his confusion. The fourth dilemma is how to control the urge of direct marketing while serving customers. It should be well known to the company management that direct marketing, if it had to be done should be highly targeted and beneficial to the consumer.

Last but not the least companies should know one thing that customer service is important.