Customer Service For Government Customers

Government customers are been treated as gold mine these days, as most of them are rolling out huge tenders for the computerisation of their age old departments. This has lured most of the big Information Technology companies for betting for these contracts.

Customer Service for Government Customers is quite different from the regular private/Corporate Customers. Firstly Government Customers will themselves not too keen on deadlines. But we should not let our standards low and should try to deliver the project in the stipulated time. Secondly when there are meetings between the client and the company, you should not expect much from their Information Technology Departments, as their work environment is quite different from the corporate world and most of the time employees of the public sector would not be of much help to you. We should have the right human Techniques to get our work done from them. Thirdly most of the high ranking officials of the public departments would be more concerned to see results when their own appraisal is dependent on it. So we have to take care of that also and complete the designated work on schedule, since most of the payments and more work is awarded on the recommendation of these high ranking officials.

We require more practical and humane oriented professional for the demos to be given to the employees of the customer, since they could ask you the same thing many times over and sometimes it could be tricky and irritating. Customer Service should be more focused and explanatory in nature for these special customers.

Since its a huge opportunity for the Information technology companies, There should be a special department in the company like E Governance team to deal specially with these clients. This new team should look at the marketing, Customer Service aspects of the projects. Marketing for such projects could take really long time and even after the project has started, it could hit various bottlenecks like policy decisions etc, so these teams should be specially trained for such long projects.

Lastly Government Consumer largely deals with public dealing, so It indirectly helps the companies to gain a foothold with the public at large and helps in brand building of the enterprise.