Customer service termination process

Customer Service : The termination of relationship Issues

This is a very tricky situation. How to effectively build relationship when the customer is terminating it.
Let us take a case study for this situation . I had a saving bank account with a de-materialized and trading account attached to it. Since I had multiple accounts with the same bank, I decided to close down the above said account. I called up their customer care to enquire about closing the triple saving cum de-materialized cum trading account . They told me the process to close down the account . I took a holiday specially for this purpose and went to the branch . As soon as I started the conversation with the Executive at the branch , I could feel the indifference meted out to me.

The process that she told me was exactly the opposite of what customer care told me. I was aghast since now I would have to first close the trading a/c , then de-materialized and lastly my poor saving account. The process would take at least 15 days . I gave them request for the same and left the branch.

After nearly 1 month also the accounts were not closed. Ultimately I got so furious with the bank that I decided to take all the money and make it a zero balance account. I have just one question why cannot this process be more smooth and how could we make this exercise an opportunity of brand building for organisation. I could have opted for other products of the same bank , had they acted properly . I also need to know why companies go overboard in acquiring new customers, but when it comes to their existing customers, they do not care for them.

There should be a very transparent process of the last part of customer cycle. There should be a fine balance between the targets of employees responsible for handling churn among customers and those holding the posts relating to closure of relationships.

Proper feedback or exit conversation should be taken up by organisation, so that reason for termination of relationship should be known and it should be logged in the company records, so that proper action can be taken up by the company to avoid that in future. Company should not erase the details of the customer from its records completely,since at later time he could be used to cross sell the products.

In the case study that I presented above i need to inform my audience that I had multiple accounts from the same bank, and I was trying to close just one account. What this episode has done is it damaged the brand image of the bank in my eyes, and now I will not recommend the bank to other people around me.

So by this case study and personal experience I want to tell everyone that interaction with customer is important at all stages, even the last one.

I want your suggestions for this contentious process.