Digital Marketing – A Customer Perspective

These days internet has penetrated our daily lives to a great extant, and the most prevalent task on internet is simple browsing of websites. But as soon as one opens a website, one sees a plethora of ad banners on the sides and the header. But these ads if they are directed properly and do not intrude on your personal privacy, then some times we could find good information or the thing we wanted to know unintentionally. So lets delve deeper into the Digital Marketing world and check for its various factors from the perspective of Customer.

Gone is the time, when companies used to go for various techniques of sales promotion and advertising in which the main reliance was on ad banners and getting a shelf space on the retailers shelves. But now a days when most of the young working population is on net, so digital marketing has becomes one of the major source of customer attention. Digital Marketing is very effective in reaching multiple customers at one go with proper utilization of online space ad banners on a well trafficked site. Social Media has added another dimension to the Digital Marketing concept as these sites usually know a lot of personal data with them although they are governed by their privacy laws. The digital advertising aided by social media sites could be a turning point in targeted advertising and prospective customers will also not mind clicking on perfectly targeted advertising which could reduce the shopping and decision making time for prospective customers.

But sometimes these digital ads also spoil the web surfing experience of the internet browsing as they become too intrusive and main headline of the website itself is obscured by these ads. Too many Pop up s and banners should be avoided and proper expert guidance and user feedback should be taken for the placement of these ad banners. The other negative for digital marketing is use of ad blocker extensions in browsers. This comes as a direct reaction for the above negative point of too much advertising. Since Internet is a free medium ,so any attempt by sites to have users to uninstall these extensions could be counter productive for website popularity and this could spread on internet in multiplication mode. Another point of contention is that advertisements if not targeted properly will lead the prospective customers to just ignore these digital ads. So the algorithm which maintains this data should be perfect and should be upgraded regularly for better results. Lastly another point is how will you gauge the effectiveness of the digital marketing ? Will mere clicking of the ad banner get the advertiser some money ? Or the guaranteed sales should be counted ? There are various shades of Grey in the world of Digital Marketing which is getting sorted out as the industry matures over time.

Digital Marketing is getting mature with time, but the advertisers should also take into account the customer perspective and also the basic tenet of freedom of Internet. Lets hope digital advertising and customer's perspective coexist so as to present a better browsing experience and an ease of buying.