Product Personality

In today's world have we ever thought what is our life without gadgets. These gadgets have become internal part of our lives and also inadvertantly describe our personalities. Now let us see how my gadgets reflect my personality. I have a keypad phone with features like 3g, email, zip files and adobe reader. The phone is sleek and has all the features that keep me connected to the world. This is exactly what my basic nature is!! I fear been alone in this world. I want to be socially connected and I am bit on healthier side and that reflects my urge to be slim may be in the form of my phone been sleek. I am having lots of speaker in my home of different kind from the small mobile one's to big bass freaks and if anyone enters my home he would certainly get an idea that I am a music lover.
Thirdly somebody seeing my laptop would come to know that I donot mind paying for the quality if its topnotch. The click of my laptop keypad is enough to guess that area of my personality and also the blue color of my laptop shows that I am ready to move away from the black's of laptop to show that I am different from the rest. Similarly my wifi wireless broadband connection shows that I love travelling and also want to be connected everytime.
These days people judge the way your gadgets speak about you. Since your mp3 player show to the other people that you enjoy listening to the music and also love the quality of it and you would not mind carrying extra gadget for it as most of the mobile phones have an inbuilt music player in them. Similarly our watch show that how we take importance of time in our life, like for teenager a fancy one will suggest that he is still in learning stage and can easily take some time for a ride and the plain watch on the person in job tells that he is only interested in the time part of watch.
So now what's in this whole article for marketing professionals , that deeply reflects how your customer would think when he sees your product. How your product will be able to match up with the personalities of your target audience. Is your target audience actually going to reflect a part of the product personality.
Now in this article I am coining a new term – Product Personality.
Product Personality is the qualititative features of the product that could come from its physical appearances or from the utility it is going to be for its prospective buyer.This Product Personality should try to match up with the nature and personality of its target audience , if the product has to be successful with them.

Let us take one example to illustrate that, if you are trying to market a business phone to the people involved in corporate sector , then Product personality of the phone should be to include a non clutter of the advanced scheduling of tasks,corporate email and best internet capability and supposedly your phone is filled with clutters of music players, camera functions, then sure shot it would touch the cords in its target audience. This term Priduct Personality would serve more for the products in the category of gadgets , that is why I have started my article with the way gadgets are connected with our personality as a whole.

Please do give comments on my new term – "Product Personality"