Shopping Malls : A New Shopping Area

Now a days in Indian metros, one can easily find sprawling big shopping malls with their big glass panes, so let us see if the retail marketing has changed or is bit different with the advert of these malls.Recently I visited a mall in Bangalore on the weekend and as expected there was a huge rush of teenagers and young people near to the enterance of the malls. One inference we could easily make out that  these malls do attract young people towards it as they could relate to the young and freshness in malls and shopping. There is one more thing that I always see in it that these shopping areas will always have a movie multiplex at the uppermost floor . This helps the shopping mall to ensure much better foot fall in shopping mall.
Lets now move inside the mall, once inside I could see the plethora of Big Cloth Retail chains having multi story stores. As always I went inside one of them I could see at first sight lot of and I mean lot of sales persons. which are ready to pounce on you as soon as you enter their bay. I would like to coin a new term - Force Marketing  for this. The rates are superficial as the items on 50 % discount were having a much higher MRP on them, I donot know why on earth their marketing guys would bent so low for this feet , but still one positive point in such big stores is you could find a lot of variety and also color options which you would not normally find in existing markets. So I finally moved out of one of those stores.
I went roaming around the ground floor of the mall , with one more noticeable feature on weekends, The ground floor is a very good location for the sales promotion activities of your brand, specially for the brands targetting yound audience and small kids with their families. You could give your free samples directly to your end customers which also endorses the new brand. Next noticeable feature of these new malls is the abundance of stores for women and their accesories. That is natural also since girls are first attracted to the more flashy items and they would enter the stores preferably in such flashy sites first.On the lighter side you could find some of the most beautiful women around in the city, which will anyway bring the boys after them.
After roaming and doing some shopping, I was getting tired and also feeling hungry. Well here too I am not without options , generally one of the floor is dedicated to the Food Court. The food court would be having all the snack stores and also full menu shops of the famous restaurents. The prices are nearly 10-15% more for the items, but you would not mind paying them the premium for it since you would not go down 4-5 floors for eating out.
Lastly, but not the least in each of these shopping malls you would find the super market in their basements, this is also one of the ploys of increasing footfalls and also for giving the shoppers a sense of shopping even if they buy a toothbrush from the mall. These supermarkets would be generally of some of the big retail chains.Maximum rush or the footfall would be here even before the multiplex since shoppers generally look for some special deals which these super markets bring with them.
After  spending a good part of the weekend day in the mall, I was satisfied with the way I conducted my self by restricting shopping to the decent level,well I could say one more thing before ending my article that the shop owners have to learn few tricks before they could increase footfalls in their stores.Relevant pricing even without discount could increase the trust of the store and also that would increase the word of mouth marketing and give the store distinctive brand identity than the mall itself.