Android Ice Cream Sandwitch Personal User Review

Today when we talk of the smart phones, users are limited for the choices as far as the base operating system are concerned (actually there are only three ... Apple IOS, Android and Microsoft). Recently my Android 2.3 was upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwitch. In last two months I am trying to go through the basic advantages and disadvantages of the new Android 4.04 vis a vis Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Let us see first the advantages of this one.


Starting from the interface Android 4.04 has better intutitive features like while writing phone numbers it searches for the matches in the existing phone, then icons and folder making proprties on the main screen are much more easier and user friendly. Interface is a but sluggiesh while moving between screens and applications ( may be my xperia mini less RAM is the reason) , so make it sure while buying Android 4.04 phone that its processor should be having 1gb speed and RAM should be atleast 1 gb.

Let us now delve inside the other parts of operating system like communication and synchronization with other web based services. As expected Google services like gmail , maps etc are very well embedded inside the system and in gmail app , you could now very well segregate and navigate between different accounts and their sub folders which is good. Google Maps and GPS is vastly improved as now it connects with the satellite pretty often (oops....) and its photographs are of good quality.

Facebook is also synchronized with the help of an app, it needs some refining and connectivity with the camera needs to be improved, moreover Facebook app doesn't move to the SD card so it continues to eat up your expensive phone memory, so make it sure that you remove cache of the Facebook app after 1 month or so. We should have more control over the notification that arise from the Facebook app to maintain the sanity of the Android notification window. Since we are talking of notifications now , its improved over the Gingerbread in the sense that it give better control and clarity.

Overall the Android keeps you connected with the world be it with the Google Talk ( which has a host of options now with the chat like you can put the chat off the record just for an example ) or with the sending and receiving of emails or surfing the web with android in built browser through which we could browse nearly all the websites and flash content is displayed effectively.

Another feature that is added new in ICS aka Ice Cream Sandwitch is the better and reliable data counter through which now you can set dates, data limits and also which application is using how much data that is very much necessary as in android, apps use a lot of background data and a control is given so as to uninstall data or ad intensive apps.

Lastly but not the least you could very much add any functionality to the phone by the vast diaphora of the applications in the play store, be it in the free category or the paid one.


The First one here had to be one department where nearly all android versions are guilty i.e the battery consumption. Still its pretty bad and if you use your phone normally also , you would not be sure the battery would last one day. In one word its a "Battery Guzzler"

The control of Background data and battery usage by the apps is still not there effectively and may be that hogs the battery continuously, the other point to note here is when we are synchronizing gmail or other accounts we should have control over the timings of synchronization.

Even if you use good task killer, its of little use as some apps automatically start up leading to more frustration. Except Core android apps necessary to run the operating system no other app should be allowed to auto restart. The quality of app store is another concern as there are lot of bogus apps running in the play store and even I heard of few Trojans in these apps. The apps that are put on the play store should undergo much more stringent quality concerns, I had anticipated better control in ICS , but still the concern still stays.

Except the above shortcomings all in all Android 4.04 is a good and better operating systems than its line of predecessors , but Google is giving good support to the platform and since this one is now a combined version for mobiles and tablets it would give developers a sigh of relief. I hope my above review which is based on my own personal use will be of some use to the prospective android buyers.