Online Buying : Shoes

Recently I saw a advertisement in the net about the brand of shoes with 66 % discount. I was in need of shoes , but was really wary about buying on net and that too from a new site. Still the discount greed get over me and I ordered a pair of shoes. When I got the shipped shoes, I sprang up in surprise that there were 4 scars of green color on one of the shoes. Then I realized the goof up that I was been sold the defective shoes and thats why they are been offered with such a discount , although they were a new pair. 

Now I have made up my mind that I would never buy from the Internet specially apparels like shoes and clothes. I have just one advice for such new Internet buying websites that when you are just entering the business at least take care of the quality part, otherwise there would be a lot of negative marketing in the net about you and its a fact that one bad customer will be equivalent to 10 good one's. I have seen on the internet some more bigger websites selling shoes with greater discounts , but I really doubt that these websites would be selling the products with highest quality.