Shampoo-Conditioner Irony

We all buy shampoos and hair conditioner all our life, but in India there is always a doubt over buying of Conditioner, so companies initial response was to club conditioner with shampoo bottle , so that Indian consumers would start using conditioners. But it has been a long time since that offer is active , people still are not buying individual conditioner bottles. Recently I went to buy a shampoo, conditioner combination in my near by mall , to my dismay there was no discount or freebie for my conditioner bottle , but the competitor was having that combination. I just want to say  till what time will the conditioner shampoo irony will continue in the mind of company decision makers ? There has to be a change in strategy for the conditioner marketing , let us say have a concerted advertising compaign stating use of conditioners and please disassociate it with shampoos, then only you would be able to market Hair Conditioners successfully.