Travel Reviews Dilemma

Recently I was planning to have a short trip to Goa (India). As always when selecting hotels and local sight seeing I took the help of Google for seeing the reviews of hotels and transport operators.Now there is a surprise, there were two type of reviews one those who were having a complete one sided bias towards the hotel and it looks like they have been written by the hotel staff or the PR staff of the hotel. The second of reviews were those which were giving a negative view , if you look at them you would never think of even booking the hotel again.

My only question is why does the Hotel\Travel Industry people go to the extent of writing the review of their own property. Do they think that they could make up the faults of their hotel or service by writing a fake positive review. May be the only answer they could have is the height of competition and the fact that most of the tech savvy people generally check the net and know up front about what is the value of money for them given their requirements and budget. Not every Hotel or Travel related services do this , so please do not expect a five star hotel to do that. The most they could do is to respond to the real negative review and try to sort the issue out. So next time you research the review of some hotel be careful.

Let us come to the second side of the issue,the negative reviews are some times so negative that you do not feel like believing them, but still they make you careful while booking the property or availing the service, the point is travel industry is a service and each person availing the service is different and his expectation from the service is different which leads to the dissatisfaction of the few of them ,but these few people will then write on every travel reviews site, but are we sure that thes 2-5 % of dissatisfied customers are representative of the rest of them.This I am leaving for you to take a call.

Well I am going forward with the trip based on the traveler reviews and my mind, lets hope for the best and please do share your views on the matter. Have a Great Holidays and fun.